iOS and Android apps distribution tool || Upload and Distribute a build in a second || Improved workflow with IDE integration

Mobile Apps Distribution Tool

Easy to use

We've created an easy, fast and efficient solution to upload and distribute builds to your team members.

No account necessary - upload your build in a second and send the download link to your users! You can optionally set up requirements for your build such as password and availability time.
Click on the link shared by the developer and have your app automatically installed! You won’t need any UDIDs or provisioning profiles installed on your device.
When a build expires it is deleted from our servers entirely. There is no trace left behind, and no possibility of a leak.
At Riviera Build we believe that your builds should be owned by you. Riviera Build is the only tool that allows you to host your builds on your servers - either by configuring your account or hosting your own instance of Riviera Build Enterprise. We also offer a hosted solution. Contact us for more information

Designed by Developers, for Developers

Don't create your own service, we can take care of everything.

Upload via the API

Integration with Xcode and Android Studio - upload in no time.

Organize everything

Create applications and store your builds in them - stay organized.

Cloud Integration

Use your cloud service to upload builds on your servers.


Want to set a password and make your build available for 24 hours only? No problem.

Build History

Get a list of builds you’ve uploaded, and delete them from the servers.

Talk to us

Tell us what feature you would like to have - we will make it happen.


Riviera Build Monthly Plans


$5Per Month

  • 10Uploads Max/Mo
  • 2 WeeksBuild Availability
  • 10MBBuild Size Limit


$59Per Month

  • 500Uploads Max/Mo
  • 2 MonthsBuild Availability
  • 50MBBuild Size Limit


$99Per Month

  • 500Uploads Max/Mo
  • 2 MonthsBuild Availability
  • 100MBBuild Size Limit

Free account: 3 uploads per month, 10Mb max per build, and no password option. Try it for free!